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Apr 21, 2005 Formica® Stone Natural Quartz Surfacing
Bill Roush
Formica Corporation
{513) 786-3162

Formica® Stone is natural quartz surfacing composed of approximately 93% quartz and 7% high-performance polymers. It offers the aesthetics and durability of granite without the maintenance. Unlike natural granite, Formica Stone is nonporous and doesn't require sealing, buffin or polishing.

How is Formica Stone superior to other surfaces? Formica Stone resists stains and spills, reduces the potential for bacteria growth, and maintains a consistent color and texture throughout the slab. After all, quartz is one of nature's most beautiful and durable materials.

Formica Stone Natural Granite Solid Surface Ceramic Tile Laminate
Stain Resistant Yes No Yes No
(Due to grout lines) Yes
Stratch Resistant Yes Yes No Some No
Heat Resistant Yes Yes No Yes No
Burn Resistant Yes Yes Yes
(Most meet Class 1A) Yes No
Bacteria Resistant Yes No Yes No
(Due to grout lines) Yes
Repairable Yes No Yes No No

Formica Stone exhibits superior performance over all other surfacing materials and is an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications, such as:

» Kitchen Countertops
» Backsplashes
» Bath vanity tops
» Tabletops
» Desktops
» Fireplace surrounds

Formica Stone is available in stock sheet sizes of 55" x 120" (nominal) and thicknesses of either two or three centimeters.

Formica Stone is available in 12 colorful patterns with the elegance and beauty of natural stone:
Raw Silk - A white monochromatic stone with a hint of warmth, dappled with small crystalline inclusions

Breccia Crème - Light whipped cream-colored stone accented with subtle taupe and clear quartz Travertine Sand - Classic beige stone with natural aggregate, reminiscent of age-old decorative materials

Desert Gold - A softly stippled gold stone that is accentuated with sandy grains of light and dark

Kashmire Beige - A luxurious mid-tone fawn-tinted stone that is sprinkled with light clay and brown colored particulates

Roman Taupe - A multifaceted rose-tinted beige stone that evokes the feeling of natural terrazzo

Si lver Pearl - Complex speckled warm white, gray and black granite with a flash of glass accents

Dakota Copper - A rich, wood-toned granite with deep crystal formations that reflect warm, metallic tones

Noce Brown - Deep walnut colored granite with accents of black for a wa rm, formal look

Blue Crystalle - Deep sapphi re blue granite striated with black and clear quartz for a precious aesthetic

Velvet Green - A dark moss green, almost black, granite with crystalline details that provide a rich and rare look

Black Andes - A pure black and elegant granite with strong crystalline depth
Suggested retail prices for Formica Stone start at approximately $130 per linear foot, installed.

Formica Stone is backed by a transferable 10-year limited warranty